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Our non-profit the Public Organization "Society of Veterinary Business Owners" (PO "SVBO") has received a grant to help veterinary licensees who are in the territories where hostilities are taking place or have taken place, as well as internally displaced persons. The main goal of the grant is to overcome the humanitarian crisis, to support and assist animal owners/guardians, animal shelters and licensed veterinarians and institutions.

We are grateful to Mightvet, and the insurance company Trupanion, for helping Ukraine and trusting our NGO SVBO!

With the funds received, the NGO SVBO is implementing the #SavePets_SaveVets project to spay, identify and vaccinate cats and dogs through veterinary licensees.

Who can take part

The licensed veterinary practices. Preference will be given to practices that are located in the territories most affected by military actions.

How to apply for participation

  1. Fill out the Google form https://forms.gle/Cc2h19GvF7utjeXe8
  2. Send a copy of the license for veterinary practice to the e-mail box uacbbc@gmail.com.
  3. The project manager will contact you to confirm your participation.

What is the essence of the #SavePets_SaveVets project

The project provides the neutering (ovariohysterectomy) female dogs and cats with mandatory rabies vaccination and microchip implantation.

The licensee receives funds for sterilization (ovariohysterectomy) + vaccination + microchip implantation (Package No. 1 Cat - 1,200 hryvnias. Package No. 2 Dog - 1,900 hryvnias).

The recipient of the grant funds announces the SavePets_SaveVets campaign on the on the social media pages of his veterinary practice, with the obligatory indication of 3 hashtags - #SavePets_SaveVets, @mightyvet and #pawsforukraine.

Fixes the required number of animalsand carries out the necessary manipulations according to the contract.

Collects information for the report (acts of completed works that is signed by the owner/guardian of the animal, a photo with the animal and the owner/guardian).

Submits a report on social media pages and for NGO SVBO according to the reporting forms that is described below.

Closes the provided funds with a report (Appendix No. 1 of the Agreement) and sends copies of the signed acts of completed works with the final consumer (owner/guardian of the animal) for the individual entrepreneur - single tax payers of the 2nd group and the report (Appendix No. 1 of the Agreement) and the final act of the completed works for the individual entrepreneur - single tax payers of the 3rd group to the e-mail box of the NGO SVBO uacbbc@gmail.com no later than 5 (five) calendar days after using the funds of the charitable grant.

What are the obligations of the licensee-recipient of grant funds

  1. Sign an agreement on providing a charitable grant.
  2. To sign an act of completed work with each owner/guardian of the animal.
  3. Conduct operations in accordance with the instructions that is provided as an appendix to the agreement.
  4. To carry out the program within the specified time - to carry out manipulations and submit a report no later than 1 month after receiving the money.
  5. Submit photo reports - 1 time per 7 days on the clinic's social media pages (1 photo per 1 animal, where there must be an animal+guardian/owner, with mandatory indication of 3 hashtags - #SavePets_SaveVets, @mightyvet та #pawsforukraine).
  6. To form reports during using the Grant funds regarding the manipulations that is carried out and to record in the provided form - Report on the using of charitable grant funds (Appendix No. 1 of the Agreement), acts of completed works; send reports in accordance with the agreement and the information that is set in this Program.

What are the obligations of the NGO SVBO

  1. After receiving the application and a copy of the license, data processing and signing the contract, transfer the money to the licensee's account.
  2. The NGO SVBO has the right to demand the return of charitable funds that is not used in accordance with the contract for violation of the terms of the agreement, and appeal to the courts in accordance with the current legislation.



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