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On May 26th, an enemy rocket hit near the medical facility and the veterinary surgery clinic of Dr. Andrii Malyshko, causing harm not only to humans but also resulting in the loss of animals.

During the attacks, the veterinary doctors evacuated the animals. Approximately 10 patients of the veterinary clinic were housed in cages after surgeries and were vulnerable.

The clinic suffered significant damage, with a part of the ceiling burnt and collapsed, and windows shattered due to the explosion.



"Dr. Malyshko is a neurosurgeon," emphasized animal rights advocate Olesia Kulyk. "It is an extremely important specialized work that saves those animals whom many veterinarians cannot help. The level of knowledge, skills, a lot of equipment, and the animals..." she added.

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In the course of the russian attack, 57-year-old Vadym Oleksandrovych Tyshchenko lost his life. Vadym, a friend of Andrii, assisted in the construction of the veterinary clinic. He was a professional builder and laid tiles throughout the hospital and sidewalk pavement. "Vadym was kind, responsible, and very meticulous in his work. He was also very athletic, engaging in running and strength exercises," Andrii recalled his friend.


The clinic owner reported that a portion of the building's ceiling was damaged and collapsed, and almost all equipment could not be salvaged.

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According to Malyshko, the endoscopic equipment is highly valuable, and a significant amount of laboratory equipment, used for various analyses, was also lost. Colleagues of the clinic owner offered their premises for performing surgeries. However, the doctor stated that it is a temporary solution, as he intends to rebuild his clinic in the same location.

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