31.05.2022 17:24

Dear colleagues,

I am part of a mental health initiative for Ukrainian vets, and we are in the process of organising some structured mental health support. As a first step, we have put together a list of online mental health and other support resources in English and Ukrainian (see attached PDFs), as well as a list of crisis phone numbers throughout Europe, Canada and the USA. This list includes some sites through which free online therapy/counselling may be accessed.

The English version of the list is now also accessible through the FVE website vetsforukraine.com


Obviously, these are difficult times for everybody in our profession, and most of the listed resources are therefore applicable to any veterinary professional. With this in mind, I would like to draw your attention to the App Vets in Mind which resources and information around the topic of mental health can be accessed.


We do appreciate feedback and suggestions from Ukrainian colleagues which can be sent to either natali.ignatenko@gmail.com or petra.agthe@gmail.com

Additionally, we are planning to provide free webinars and access to social and professional psychological support, which is going to be a collaboration with the company Galaxy Vets, who have generously agreed to open a separate Fund for this purpose.

This is a project in progress. If you or anybody you work with would like to help us with project or have any additional ideas or experiences which you feel may be helpful, please let me know!

Best wishes,
Petra Agthe

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