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Zubko Olexandr Volodymyrovych, Okhtyrka.

Registered: Pershotravneva str. 38 a
Clinic: Drukarsky bystreet, 1. 066-08-88-078 Wife: Zubko Olga Mykolayivna
Child: Zubko Tymofiy Oleksandrovych

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War again…

Exactly… AGAIN… pain, fear, grief… tears… lost friends… destroyed cities… War destroys, and two wars incinerate.

The measured life of my young family was divided into "before" and "after" in 2014.

Peaceful sky, dreams of the future, a young son, the development of my own business, good mornings, laughter, then everything remained in his native Dokuchaevsk, Donetsk region. After the arrival of the «ruskoho mira» we had to leave everything. Our family had to flee from russia for the future of the child. For normal life in a normal country. A long road to nowhere, a lot of time to recovery of strength and believing in yourself again.

Ukraine, Okhtyrka, 2015. It is twice as difficult to start life from beginning again. A big risk is the opening of a modern veterinary center in a small town. It is very difficult day after day to gain regular clients and build a reputation with your own professionalism. Everything worked out. Here are the plans for the future, here is a normal life, here is your own business, here is faith in tomorrow and hope for the best!..

On the 24th of February, 2022 it all started again… Bombing every day…Terrible destruction of the city. Sirens, sirens, sirens… This time we made a difficult decision - we are staying! Nowhere to go…Okhtyrka is already our home, our whole life and future are here. But again… Nights in the damp basement, work for a few quiet hours, when no enemy flying planes, but only "grads" and "tornadoes" can be heard outside the window.

Night from 7 to 8 March. Our family has put almost all its soul into the veterinary center, in addition to time, effort and money.

That night, several bombs were dropped by the enemy on the center of Okhtyrka.

The buildings of the city council, the central department store, the museum and the small veterinary center “Dr. Vet ", which was at the epicenter of one of the explosions. The horrors of war… 30 kilometers from the border with a voracious neighbor. There is nowhere to run and no desire. Here is our home, our work, our fluffy clients, here is our whole life in Okhtyrka.

But. We have nothing again. We need to rebuild, rebuild, start again… to gather strength again for life and work for the future of a peaceful, strong, independent Ukraine.

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