To join the Non-Governmental Organisation "Society of Veterinary Business Owners" (NGO SVBO), you must:

  • to write an application for membership in the NGO "SVBO"
  • make a copy of the veterinary activity license (declaration).
  • pay an entrance fee of 2000 UAH.
  • pay the membership fee (your amount according to the place of veterinary practice) according to the following details:

ALL-UKRAINIAN UNION OF VETERINARY BUSINESS OWNERS EDRPOU / DIFO 43442219, JSC CB "PRIVATBANK" (bank's EDRPOU 14360570, bank code 337546) account No. UA023375460000026007055041073

Purpose of payment: membership fee of UAH 2000.
Purpose of payment: membership fees (your amount) UAH.

How to find out how much you have to pay for membership in the NGO (membership fees)?

**Depending on the population of the locality where you carry out your veterinary practice.

Settlement with a population of:

  • up to 100 thousand - 2000 UAH per year;
  • 100-500 thousand - 4000 UAH per year;
  • 500 thousand - 1 million - 6000 UAH per year;
  • more than 1 million - 8000 UAH per year.

      • 2 clinics or more mandatory or 2 + licensees or second fee.

    ** - clinic of one veterinarian - 50% discount.

Subsequently, membership fees are paid annually by 1 April of the current year.

Заява про вступ до ГО СВВС.docx

Please send the application form, copy of the veterinary activity license (declaration) and receipts confirming payment to

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Our mission in peacetime is to create a comfortable professional and legal field for the veterinary business in Ukraine.

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