DVM, Head of "Society of Veterinary Business Owners"
Owner of "VetDopomoga" veterinary clinics in Sumy, Ukraine.
Doctor of veterinary medicine, master's degree.


Dr Andrii Klietsov graduated from SNAU and received the diploma of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. In 2007 he obtained the Master Degree of DVM. In 2016 graduated the post-doctoral education, the research of which continues to lead. Since 2003 Andrii is the owner of Veterinary Clinics “VetDopomoga” in Sumy (Ukraine). In 2020 Andrii became the Head and co-founder of the NGO “Society of Veterinary Business Owners”.
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Andrii didn’t left his workplace and continued to rescue animals in the occupied territory, organized and personally delivered humanitarian aid for homeless animals under the serge of his Sumy city (3.6 tons of food were delivered) . In May 2022 he managed to organize the #SavePets_SaveVets project with the support by MightyVet, thanks to which more than 7 400 animals were sterilized. Pet owners received the procedure for free, and veterinary licensees in 42 clinics of Ukraine received permanent employment. Under conditions of war Andrii is the volunteer and coordinator of humanitarian initiatives in the Sumy region: Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide and Save Pets of Ukraine.
In June, 2022 (London) as well as in November, 2022 (Malta) Andrii was the member of the Ukrainian delegation to the FVE and UEVP General Assemblies as the practitioner veterinary business owner.

Speaker 38th World Veterinary Association Congress 26 to 29 of April 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan.


Arranged a meeting of the president Rafael Laguens of the World Veterinary Association on the territory of Ukraine


- The work of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with companion animals under conditions of being surrounded by Russian troops, involvement in the work of my children, later - students.

→ news.vin.com 1st.

→ news.vin.com 2nd.

- Delivering the humanitarian aid through the Russian checkpoints, transparent reporting and accounting of humanitarian aid under conditions of war.


- Humanitarian initiative under the siege and de-occupation of Sumy region

→ fb.com /vetsua

- Preservation of the war’s history of companion animals’ Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who suffered from the Russian aggression.

→ uacbbc.org/

- The work of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine under blackout conditions, not only without electricity, but also without water, heating, communication, creation of war hacks:


→ prezi.com presentation at the congress WVA 2023

- Dissemination of the fresh real information at World Veterinary Congresses as well as at General Veterinary Assemblies about what war is like through the eyes of veterinarians.
Assembly FVE (London, Malta), WVA (Taiwan)

→ facebook.com GA UEVP London

→ fb.com/vetsua Visegrad Plus, Poland

- Harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation with the European one regarding self-governing veterinary bodies (translation into Ukrainian and English languages), as well as dissemination of information among colleagues.

→ uacbbc.org law of ukraine

→ fb.com/vetsua

- The program of almost 7,000 sterilizations, identifications and at the same time vaccinations of animals from socially vulnerable sections of the population of Ukraine has been implemented. This is not only helped the caregivers and volunteers to get a free service, but also motivated the veterinarians who remained in Ukraine under conditions of war to continue providing animals’ support as well as supporting the hope for the successful future of Ukraine.

→ uacbbc.org #savepets_savevets

- Inviting international colleagues in the field of veterinary medicine to Ukraine with their constant accompaniment on the territory of Ukraine with a demonstration of the consequences of the war.

→ uacbbc.org

→ President of the WVA

→ Vice-president of the UEVP

- Field spaying of 600 abandoned animals in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine, where there is no coverage of veterinary clinics and doctors of veterinary medicine

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→ fb.com/vetsua SPAY

- Keeping of the stories of veterinarians injured during the war

→ uacbbc.org vet stories

- Searching, gathering and commemoration of the memory of those doctors of veterinary medicine who gave their lives for our freedom in this war.

→ uacbbc.org Heroes of veterinary medicine

- A report WHO (as a result of Vyshgrad plus) at the Ukrainian international conference with the support of WHO, FAO, OIE, on the importance of the One Health System in the fight against rabies.

→ who.int eliminating rabies Ukraine

→ linkedin.com WHO in Ukraine

- The Laurel of Indomitability Award of Ukrainians - a prestigious all-Ukrainian award for volunteering in the field of veterinary medicine, preserving the issues in the frames of One Health System, as well as the assistance to the militarians

→ oukr.info

→ pravda-news.com

- Certificate of Appreciation "For the significant contribution to the development of veterinary medicine of Ukraine" by the Head of The State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection 2011


- Participation in the creation of the electronic register, pet’s passports from initial ideas before the war

→ dpss.gov.ua

till the results TODAY under conditions of war

→ kmu.gov.ua

- Diplomas of participation in different Congresses and Round tables as a speaker as well as at the Courses of Constant Professional Development.


Favorite phrase
- Animals do not know how to cheat / betray / kill for values ... unlike people


- Speaker at conferences


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Our mission in peacetime is to create a comfortable professional and legal field for the veterinary business in Ukraine.

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