Nataliia Klietsova, Manager on Public Relations of the NGO (by volunteering activity )

PhD, Professor of Managment of Foreing Economic Activity, Professor of International Relations Department, Faculty of Law, SNAU, Certified Auditor, Lawyer in International Law, Practitioner in HR Management in Veterinary Medicine, Laureate of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Award, Member of the Ukrainian delegation at the UEVP, FVE General Assembly in London (June 16-18, 2022), General Assembly in Malta (November 24-26, 2022), Manager on Public Relations of the grant project that help animals, their owners and veterinarians of Ukraine: project on sterilization, identification and vaccination of animals.


Mail: klietsovanataliia @ gmail . com


Our mission in peacetime is to create a comfortable professional and legal field for the veterinary business in Ukraine.

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